Tornado Hunters Make Tornadosodes

October 07, 2015

The Tornado Hunters have shot so much great material this season that we were able to work with CMT Canada to create Tornadosodes! These Tornadosodes (webisodes if you can't say tornadosodes) will be on CMT Canada's website after the CMT Pilot 1&2 broadcast on October 8, and will take viewers on a crazy, five-part journey into the world of extreme weather prep.

Each episode will explore different characters that reside in various parts of Tornado Alley. We will explore the lives of these interesting people, discovering what it is like to make a life in “tornado country” and along the way learn the (often extreme) steps they take to ensure the safety of their families, homes and livelihoods.


The Tornado Hunters head to a top-secret location in Kansas to tour a storm shelter built in a former nuclear missile silo. From the armed guard in military fatigues at the entrance to the elevator… the movie theatre…the bar… the gym…and the pool, the TH guys discover not just a luxurious place to ride out a storm - but also the ultimate subterranean playground.




There’s nothing better than being prepared when facing down Mother Nature at her most extreme. Greg, Ricky and Chris head to a survival-minded store in Arizona to check out what kind of equipment is great to have handy when s@#$ hits the fan… and, with toilets and pepper spray in the mix, they get the chance to put the gear, and themselves, to the test!




The Tornado Hunters visit with Jeff Woodward, a man with a really unique way of preparing for weather, extreme or otherwise! Jeff prepares by predicting the weather and rumour has it that his forecasts have proven to be more accurate than those of Environment Canada. Jeff must have some super, high tech fancy way of predicting weather, right??!! Nope – all he needs is a fresh pig’s spleen! What?!




When an epic EF3 tornado is headed your way, the Tornado Hunters would say the safest place to be is underground… but their first look at Bruce Beach’s subterranean shelter made out of 42 school buses has them rethinking this plan! Built in the 1980’s to protect friends and family from nuclear fallout, the shelter has seen better days. But after a spooky, eerie tour the boys determine it’s the perfect place for the zombie apocalypse and really, when you need it, not such a bad place to weather a storm.




The Tornado Hunters hit their home turf to find out just how much local Regina folks know about how to stay safe in extreme weather - apparently a lot! After all, it’s no accident the guys set up shop here - Saskatchewan is the most tornado prone province in all of Canada. The guys share their hard earned wisdom about lightening and tornado safety… and just as importantly, about Greg’s hair mousse. 


The Tornado Hunters Tornadosodes will be available on on October 8, after the broadcast of Pilot Episodes 1&2 at 11pm ET/8pm PT. (See our Oct. 6 post for more times.) This will all lead up to the Season 1 premiere, only on CMT Canada, Sunday, October 18 at 9e/p.  Don't miss it and Go Jays Go!

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