Greg Johnson, Chris Chittick, and Ricky Forbes are the Tornado Hunters. They’ve always had a plan and it’s a simple one: find the biggest, baddest tornados in North America and head straight for them. Their quest for one-of-a-kind footage of the world’s most violent storms has taken them up, down, and all across Tornado Alley, following on the heels of storms that at any moment could turn from photogenic to tragic.

This Sunday is the Tornado Hunters episode we’ve all been waiting for. We find Greg, Ricky and Chris back on their home turf, “working” at the Craven Country Music Festival, but when a series of massive forest fires break out in Northern Saskatchewan, they and our crew race to the front lines to document the event. From there they switch gears, hot on the heels of a massive storm system firing up in Manitoba, Canada, and get up under an EF-2 tornado, one of the biggest tornados of 2015. The rest as we know is history, but you won’t want to miss the guys doing what they do best in their season finale at 9e/p on CMT Canada.


We know we speak for the entire team when we say it’s been great travelling and filming this year with these three guys. They are just as professional and friendly off camera as they are on camera, and you don’t find that every day. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Tornado Hunters' behind-the-scenes videos, deleted scenes and time-lapses on the Tornado Hunters Facebook page as well as past episodes and webisodes on Happy holidays and we hope you enjoy the show!

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