It’s hard to believe the Tornado Hunters' CMT Canada premiere is almost here!


If you’ve been in your safety bunker too long, Tornado Hunters is about three professional storm chasers named Greg, Chris and Ricky, and their penchant for super bad weather. But who are they and what do they think about when they are not screaming “Tornado!”?

We wanted to know if they have a lot of deep thoughts or if it’s just one big motel vacancy sign up there. (Note: It’s the former.) So we caught up with Tornado Hunters Videographer Chris Chittick and asked him these Proust-y questions. (We think the fact we tripped Chris, then asked questions while he rolled on the ground in agony is irrelevant.)

What is your chief characteristic?  My chief characteristic is that I remain calm in all situations. Does anyone have a bandage?


What is your favourite motto?  Work hard play hard. We do a “tornado” show and no one has a bandage?


What is your favorite thing to do before chasing a tornado?  Have a solid look at the weather and some good breakfast food.


What is your idea of happiness?  My idea of happiness is two fold…One, to be successful with chasing and to provide a good/happy home for my family and, two, to see a monster wedge in the middle of nowhere and capture it all on film!


What is your favourite song in the truck?  Anything newer HipHop! But I am outruled and end up listening to Classic Rewind on XM Radio.


What quality do you admire in others? Deplore in others?  The quality I admire in others is when people are straightforward and outgoing. I don't like people who are fake!


What do you appreciate most about your friends?  I appreciate that we remain so close even though I live in another country! (Chris is originally from the U.S.)


Who do you admire in real life? In fiction?  I admire my dad 'cause I want to follow in his footsteps and give the life I had, to my family, now. In fiction it would be Vince Vaughn in any role he plays...he's a really funny dude!


If you could go back in time and give "little you" advice, what would it be?  Follow your dream and don't do drugs….LOL!


If you were a tornado, what kind of tornado would you be?  I would be a wedge tornado because I would give it my all to grow to the world record tornado.


What is something no one knows about you?  I really enjoy playing golf and chillin' with my best wife!


What actor would play you in the Tornado Hunters movie?  Jonah Hill!


Tornado Hunters Season 1 premieres on CMT Canada on Sunday, October 18 at 9e/p. You can get all the latest at @THuntersTVTornado Hunters and CMT Canada. The Tornado Hunters also have their own social media accounts and we hope to surprise Greg and Ricky with questions soon! Click here to follow Chris Chittick on Twitter!


Photo of Chris Chittick courtesy of Greg Johnson.

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