HISTORY Canada, Smithsonian US, Yesterday, ZDF and SBS


6 X 60

Frozen in time and scattered around the world, messengers from the past have been preserved for centuries. These mummified people died in battle, by torture, in honour or disgrace as kings, holy sacrifices and murder victims. Now, hundreds of years after they drew their last breaths, Mummies Alive will bring the world’s best-preserved mummies back to life with exquisite animation.


Color will return to sunken cheeks, wizened lips will fill and eye-lashes will quiver until, with a sudden intake of breath, the ancient eyes open and we look into a living face.  For the first time, these mummified ancestors will transport us across the gulf of time as we piece together the details of their enthralling lives and enter their lost worlds through hyper-real CG animation.


The series is narrated by two-time Golden Globe nominee Jason Priestley.


Broadcasters: HISTORY Canada, Smithsonian (US), Yesterday (UK), ZDF (Germany), and SBS (Australia)


A Co-Production with Impossible Factual