Greg Johnson Has Better Hair Than You and He's OK with It.

September 24, 2015

The Tornado Hunters' CMT Canada premiere is around the corner and few people know this more than Greg, Ricky and Chris!


These guys are the Tornado Hunters and as Canada’s most famous professional storm chasers, they’ve made it a priority to be wherever weather is at its worst. It’s very hard work and not all free wiper blades and on-air chats with Helen Hunt.


A big part of the Tornado Hunters’ mission that viewers may not know about is educating communities about severe weather. Founder Greg Johnson is very passionate about this (and about cutting his own hair, but we digress). He often gives lectures on weather, when he's not on the road, and is constantly updating his social media followers on his adventures.

We left some cans of hair mousse on Greg’s front step, and when he came out, we shouted "Surprise!" and these questions. You just have to assume, when someone is surprised like that, they'll answer truthfully.


What is your chief characteristic?  Passion! I love what I do for a living. I feel fortunate every day to have the opportunites that have been given to me.


What is your favourite motto?  Build the best legacy you can while you still have time.


What is your favorite thing to do before chasing a tornado?  Nap. I'm not kidding. I try to get as much sleep as possible before a big chase. Storm chase days can last up to 20 hours so it's generally 20 hours of intense emotional chaos. That's very draining so getting a good rest ahead of all that is the trick.


What is your idea of happiness?  Freedom. I'm happiest when I'm feeling untethered. I could never go back to working a job that requires me to sit at a desk or have someone else approve my vacation request. Being my own boss allows me to determine my own schedule. They aren't always easy choices but they're my choices.


What is your favourite song in the truck?  "Walk This Way"! The version with Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith.


What quality do you admire in others?  The quality I admire most in people is their ability to show empathy. It's always amazing to meet people that care for others and people that put the needs of the less fortunate ahead of their own needs.


What do you appreciate most about your friends?  Laughter. Life can get pretty heavy at times. Everyone has those days but good friends can make you laugh and laughter is definitely the best medicine.


Who do you admire in real life? In fiction?  In real life, I admire Olympians. The work and self discipline required to reach the pinnacle of your sport...that's something special. In fiction, I would definitely say Indiana Jones is the character I admire most. But Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark...NOT Temple of Doom.


If you could go back in time and give "little you" advice, what would it be?  Don't change a thing! Even the mistakes will shape who "Big You" will be.


If you had to be one of the other Tornado Hunters, who would it be and why?  I would be Ricky. Learn to drive a snow machine, jump off a taller.


If you were a tornado, what kind of tornado would you be?  I would be an EF3 classic cone tornado.


What have you always wanted to tell Ricky but were waiting until this public moment to tell him?  Ricky, you need to grow your hair out! 


What is something no one knows about you?  Something that no one knows about me...hmmm...I can ride a unicycle and juggle.


What actor would play you in The Tornado Hunters movie?  Christian Bale. Great hair!


Tornado Hunters Season 1 premieres on CMT Canada on Sunday, October 18 at 9e/p. You can get all the latest at @THuntersTVTornado Hunters and CMT Canada. The Tornado Hunters also have their own social media accounts and we hope to surprise Ricky with questions soon!


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Photo of Greg Johnson courtesy of Christian Lamontagne/Groupe PVP.

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