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We want to be a place where stories meet brands in an organic and authentic way.  We all use products and services – they impact and shape our lives. We should not ignore them in our storytelling. Our heart is in Production and touching our audiences with popular, smart, true stories.


Our long track record for delivering successful award-winning factual and reality programming makes us a natural choice for broadcasters, agencies, publishers and brands. We deliver their audiences powerful authentic characters and incredible stories. 


Saloon Media’s creative resources, easy collaboration and professionalism help you create content and experiences that incite meaningful engagement.

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Saloon produced a commercial for Ford Canada to coincide with the release of the new Tornado Hunters series on CMT Canada.


We travelled with the Tornado Hunters as they went back and forth from Regina to Mexico, to every flea-bitten motel and greasy spoon, seeking out the world's worst storms. Their passion for severe weather is only rivalled by their love of Flash, their incredible Ford-150 storm chasing truck.

The final commercial was shown on social media and nationally on CMT Canada.

We created a series of eight webisodes for Woods Canada to re-establish its brand as the market leader in high-quality outdoor equipment and apparel.


After being contacted by Woods, our team made this very popular web series that engaged the public to vote for its favorite Top 12 competitors who then competed in a series of physical, skillful and artistic outdoor challenges. The winner would get the title and $25,000. It was hosted by Tornado Hunter Ricky Forbes. The challenges took contestants through challenges that ranged from being stranded for 24 hours on a deserted island to an incredible 15K river rafting race in the finale webisode. 


It was shot by Saloon's Producer/Director Paul Kilback in locations such as Red Deer, The Laurentians and the Rocky Mountains. It also included a series of informational and behind-the-scenes videos with Forbes and the Explorers.

Saloon Media has produced two short doc series for TTV, the in-store channel for Tim Hortons: a 6 x 60 second series featuring photography of extreme weather across North America and an
8 x 60 second series called
Double Life which features day in the life scenes of extraordinary Canadians.


Saloon is currently in production on a new series called Canada360 to be released later this year. TTV is in over 2500 stores across Canada and is seen by 2.2 million Canadians every day. 


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