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Hotel Paranormal Premieres May 15 at 9pm E/P on T+E

April 28, 2020

HOTEL PARANORMAL is our new 10-part documentary series, narrated by Canadian icon Dan Aykroyd, for T+E. It follows the terrifying, true stories of face-to-face encounters with otherworldly hotel guests.

"I think the show is going to be a real skeptic-buster and as a believer in ghosts that makes me happy,” says Aykroyd.

HOTEL PARANORMAL premieres Friday, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on T+E and reminds us we’re never truly alone whether we're in a hotel, motel or short-term turn off those lights and watch the trailer now!

Cheating Hitler Nominated for 2020 Rockie Award!

April 21, 2020

We are proud to announce Cheating Hitler: Surviving the Holocaust is a 2020 Rockie Awards nominee! Congratulations to the entire team.

Before & After Now Streaming

April 13, 2020

Our brand-new 6-part web series, Before & After, is now streaming on the documentary Channel. Before & After dives into the pivotal moments of our lives that forever change who we are, and how we see the world.

You can watch the unforgettable story of Canadian gymnast Tamara O'Brien (Episode 1)  here.

Episode 2 "Homelessness" features Roger. Not long ago, Roger was a proud father with a full-time job living with a woman he loved. Today, Roger sleeps alone outside in downtown Toronto. An unfortunate turn of circumstance has led him to where he is today, but he’s determined to get back to the life he once had.

Episode 3 "Going to Space" was recently uploaded and features Dr. Robert Thirsk, a Canadian Space Agency astronaut. Thirsk reflects on his record-breaking trip to space that changed his perspective on the meaning of life and humanity.

Look for Episode 4 "Transitioning Gender" on April 17.

Congratulations to Director Hanna Jovin, Producer Steve Gamester, Editor Adrian Morphy, Directors of Photography Ann Tipper and Alysha Galbreath, Sound Recordist Ryan Yusep and Production Manager Krystal DiMarca.

9/11 Kids Premieres April 23 on CBC

April 03, 2020

We're pleased to announce 9/11 Kids premieres Thursday, April 23 as part of Hot Docs At Home on CBC.


9/11 Kids is about the 16 schoolchildren who were with President George W. Bush the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, and opens a fascinating window into post-9/11 America. The film tracks down the kids to find out what’s happened since. They're all in their mid-20s, trying to find their footing in a country and world that changed so much after 9/11.

Congratulations to the entire 9/11 Kids team that includes: Director and Writer Elizabeth St. Philip, Producer Steve Gamester, Associate Producer Hanna Jovin, Editor Greg West, Director of Photography Chris Romeike and Executive Producer Michael Kot.

9/11 Kids premieres at 8 pm on CBC, repeating at 9 pm ET/PT on the documentary Channel and available on CBC Gem. Watch the trailer now.

Life Below Zero: Canada Premieres March 17 at 9 p.m.

February 28, 2020

We're thrilled to announce Life Below Zero: Canada premieres Tuesday, Mar. 17 at 9 e/p on Cottage Life during the nationwide Free Preview Event! The eight-part docuseries captures the compelling stories of five off-the-grid Canadians who must navigate deadly weather and limited resources to seek out food, water and shelter.


Congratulations to the entire Saloon team. Series Producers are Paul Kilback and Tara Elwood; directors are Paul Kilback, Victor Kushmaniuk and Mark Stevenson. Executive Producers are Michael Kot, Betty Orr and Paul Kilback. 


Life Below Zero: Canada is the long-awaited Canadian adaptation of the popular BBC Studios format and multi-Emmy® Award-winning reality series, Life Below Zero. Click on our link below for more information on the series as well as its cast!

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